I Don’t Mind Being Alone…

as long as i’m pretty, sexy, fabulous looking alone.
Owkei, it’s an ugly wish with the recent Maguindanao crisis. I’m so sad to read a friend’s status that her husband is one of the victims. But then after I post a “condolence” status in my facebook, I then post a photo with a celebrity. 
(Kawasan Falls Marathon March 15, 2015. http://aktib.ph/1395-kawasan-falls-marathon-2015-kfm Registration centers:
* runforsight.net
* Run For Sight office in CDU Hospital)
I guess that i should stick to my rule of not putting any sympathy greetings on facebook as they just get burried with my lols and lels.
Anyhoo, I was planning to go to Ayala to buy ink for printer after the Kawasan Falls Marathon 2015 press con but i chickened out so i got down near Parklane, and thought of dropping by at Mickey’s Japanese Cakes shop. 
I wanted to back out from the cake shop, which serves more of a coffee shop for me, because, for me:


But too late because I already ordered their special brewed coffee and cheese cake. 

There’s something about Japanese-run coffee shops that they can make you feel that you’re not in Cebu. Cafe Egao has also that kind of feeling.
Anyhoo, I dunno why but though i’m really an introvert but I find drinking coffee alone in a coffee shop as the loneliest thing to happen to me. Maybe because no one can take my #mugshot. Or maybe because I really do not have friends any more. I mean i do have friends, but not the “katambay” kind of friends. Either I have my own world, no one likes me to be their “katambay,” or I guess it’s part of being grown up. 
And, with coffee shops sprouting here and there?!? Wanted: FRIENDS or fabulousness or WORLD PEACE.