Cebu Music: Humba

The other day or week, I filled out the TEDxUSC registration form, and it has a question something like “how do you support local music?”

I used to buy random local, especially Cebu, artists on iTunes, even if I don’t really listen to them that much as a simple way of support. I mean I’m not really a big music person. 
But with spotify nowadays, I guess playing their music again and again is a way to support (which made me think, which platform gives better pay).
I tried looking up for Cebu or Philippine playlist, but I cannot find one. There’s a Philippine top hits but none one is from a Pinoy music artist. So i’m creating a Cebu playlist. Well, it has only Missing Felimon & Cattski, then the #vispop albums for now.
It’s our schooldrive playlist. Simple way of trying to put some Cebu culture on kids.
I felt cattski’s music are meant long joy rides, they have that feel. It makes me think if her music are inspired by long joy rides.
While, Missing Felimon feels like I want to go to my neighborhood tambayan. It makes me miss the old-school tambay sa eskina, which is probably replaced by facebook nowadays.
But that one song that first pops in my mind when talking about #bisrock or Cebu music is “Humba” from the Brown Underground music of Ka Pedro back in the days. I looked it up, and the name of the band behind it is Scrambled Egg. 
Cebu music is “humba” for me — NGILNGIG. You can interpret “ngilngig” as “bidli” or ngilngig as “great. For me, it’s bidli but demmit kalami sa tambok patunawon sa mais nga kan-on.