#obligatory #December #Parties

I think i’m becoming a grumpy old girl. Anyhoo, tomorrow or later:

* Buy gifts for the manito-manita 
* meg’s 1st communion
* CS Christmas party
Then, sunday will be in Maribago for additional CS party or something like that! And, hopefully, we can drop by at Mercado Central for Crosta Pizza!!!

Was it not just #yesterday?

I It’s the last stretch of the year, and I feel crying because my crazy days will not end until February, or maybe March.

#yesterday. I got an invite to join ARC running club’s Christmas party with Lahug SPED school.

With the SPED teachers of Lahug Elementary School.
Then went straight to Minglanilla to present Runnilla to the beneficiary barangay Cadulawan.

How crazy fast this year was. I feel like it was just yesterday when i promoted Runnilla, and now i’m back at promoting it again. 
And, you think it’s going to be easy the next time? No. As they, it does not get easier, you only get stronger. In this case, it does not get easier, i learned a lot from the experiences that i have now more things to do based on those learnings.


Meg and I were in a yoga class with a substitute teacher. Then we got into this headstand pose part.

Other yoga teachers, that i’m familiar w/, know that i don’t do headstand. I keep telling them that headstand is my 2020 goal. And so they would not mind me with headstand.
So anyhoo, this new teacher came to me to assist me, and i told her that i’d just pass. Then she asked how many yoga sessions I had attended. And, it made me realized that it’s been some time ago already that i started yoga. I started yoga to prepare for my 1st AWUM, all-women ultra. So it was like almost 3 years ago.
Then i felt lame. @.@ Because i realized that some of my “class mates” when i started are already yoga teachers, and vegan convert. While, i’m still struggling doing a decent downward dog. @.@
On the other thought, it’s meg’s 3rd session. 🙂 And I’m kind of oblige to do this headstand just to show to Meg that her mother is not that lame. @.@

Tinker- Bells

I’m always excited about apps.

Today, i took some time bothering some people at thetidecebu.com, a haven of web apps factory in cebu. 🙂 But i dunno if it’s either i’m excited to use some of the web apps there or i’m desperate to find ways of getting registrations for runnilla.com.
So i got an android device from http://www.pomelo-llc.com, which i need for the SMS system from engagespark.
And, i got access to our mlepay.com account.
So it’s going to be SMS + money transfer, let’s see how i can make this work @.@