Goals and Bawls

There are 2 main goals why I’ve been scratching a lot on “fun runs.” 

One ia to get a web app penetrate the local market (aktib.ph) which i’m kinda failing at, but on the other side is that i learned a lot. 
Second is i wanted to be NEDBANK, who can sponsor athletes or something like that. So any way, after months of staring at the countless drafts of sponsorship packages for runnilla.com, i have finally the nth final draft! 🙂 
But along creating drafts after drafts of sponsorship packages, i pulled this out from the inclusions and made it stand-alone — Sponsored Athlete package. 
This is an experiment, and i’m not really sure if this will really work! But i’m really hoping I can make it work until such time that businesses will get attuned to get local talented athletes as “paid endorsers.” 🙂

And, i’m going to be working with happygaraje.com! I’m mentioning it here so that i haz proof, and mark cannot back out from this deal!!! 🙂