Different types of travelers based on my kids

How travelling zooms in my kids’ different personalities. Maybe because it’s the time that when we’re together that we could see each other closer. Or maybe because it’s the time we do not do the usual things, and so it’s the time we see their different actions and reactions. (This reminds me of @darkboymark’s article on different types of travellers.)

And when you’re with 3 little people with different personalities who all do not know how to “adjust” yet to each other, it can be such a chaos!

But one thing is the same though that all the beaches and pools are the same for them. Like there’s not much use going far for a beach when the beach in siquijor just elicit the same reaction as the beach in lilo-an. 
Migi. The Natural Adventurer.
I don’t know where Migi got this trait / personality but he’s one person who can easily navigate a tricky trail path, who is not afraid to pick up any slimy or weird looking animals. He is the type who sees a mountain, and would declare he wants to climb it.
Sometimes, i wish he was born to parents who are really into nature and mountains and sports because he’ll really bloom that part of him with them. 

Meg. The Pack Rat.

It can be surprising but Meg can be a lot like Mark than any of his sons. She packs the most stuff just in case it will be the end of the world. And, she can pack systematically — a bag for her gadgets, a bag for her butingtings, etc. And, she’s the only kid who thought of bringing a jacket just in case it will get cold. 
She hates the beach because she find the sand, little animals such an inconvenient. That’s another mark in there.

Mati. The liability.
I think he’s a typical youngest of the siblings who thought everything is done for him by others. So he’s the kid who forgets his stuff and backpack. He’s the type who just jumps into things without thinking because he knows someone’s going to pick up on his mess. 
Construction worker appetite 
But one thing that can make everything easy for all of us: buttered chicken from breakfast to dinner.