Fashion tip: if all things get too confusing,

I went to SM ‘lacion get a dress, but I came home with a running shoes… and a so-so dress because my maximum for going to the dressing room is only 5. 

This was the 1st dress. I like it but it was too short. Or maybe this was only a blouse.
There were more I tried at “for me” shop but for some reason, it just did not feel “for me.” Their stuff makes me feel I need to be skinnier and fairier, and gaahhh girlier.
So I went to plus size section in SM dept store. But i got sidetripped to the shoes dept, and got myself merrel barefoot, which was on sale. I love this model to bits (see above)!
At the dress section, a sales staff was nice enough to suggest a dress that would hide my belly. But it was that gaahhh boring color dress. 
And, I don’t really care about my belly showing. Thing is if I’m fat, i’m really fat whatever the dress is. 
So this was probably the most fashionable dress i picked. But it seems it need more boobs because the design in the chest area ended up looking like a blanket thrown over me so yeah, i skipped it. 
I settled for this. When all things get too confusing, just pick the brightest color. So yeah, i got myself a “pambahay.”  Because i got too dizzy — of going back and forth to the fitting room — to care!