Mareee Flor’s Deflowering!

Some changes with the upcoming Columbia Trail (, they scrapped the 6km category, which left a friend disappointed. But then we’re not giving up yet so we thought of trying to cover a 10km of chill walk up to Busay, or at least 2 hours of walking or whatever would come first.

I was a bit apprehensive. Scared that Mareee Flor might get mad with me after this. And, more scared that I might scratched her flawless skin, Dion would never forgive me.

But I’m soooo happy. We only did not cover 10KM up to somewhere in Chateau de Busay; we’re also able to do in around 2hrs 30min. Trail run is really time consuming run so it’s good we got a lot of time on our feet. So we were able to cross out all our goals!!!

And, manage to do photoshoots along the way.

Don’t be deceived with those harmless looks! Behind it is a tiger with red leps!

Pose with that pastry shop at the background where she DNF’d last time.

The 1hr of our running time was spent doing this.