throw-app thursday

I promised to do the Help site of before May ends. And, since May is almost going to end, I’m now cramming. =) I love making Help pages, which nobody ever read. =)

But before that let me reminisce. For some reason reminds me of wakulu. And, I guess it’s because, the programmers working on it are those who worked on wakulu before. It’s like having a reunion.

And, I can’t help but see the differences now. I always thought Fred and Norlan are good at programming back then. I mean they’re great at their craft. But now, the difference is that they’re probably more mature, and knows pretty well how to go around building an app. As such, it feels more relaxed now. Or, maybe, I just don’t know. =)

While I could not bother much about the Help pages like how I fuss about it before.

I guess it probably has to come down to the point that after all the apps and downs, we know when to panic and not.

Or, I dunno. =)

Scheduled depression

This seems to be a trend already. That every last week of month, depression lurks in. I thought it’s just PMS (pre-menstrual symptoms, blame the hormones going haywire). I tend to hate myself, how lousy it has been, and wants to strangle it for not doing “hard” enough. And i feel useless that my living adds no meaning to the world, I might as well tie a rope around my neck and hang myself.  Turn the lights off, Play some emo music in the background, avril lavigne is that you?!?

Maybe partly due to PMS but I realized now that maybe because it’s end of the month when “working” takes toll, and add in the uneasiness when looking at the the to-do list, nothing much has moved. Maybe it’s what Mark has been reciting over and over again as “productive paranoia” minus the productive. 
And, it’s like “i’m a teenage dirtbag, baby.”
Hello, self! Here we are again.

Social or Like Marketing: Hoping I won’t go this far

Take note of the most important note.

I’m guilty of doing this thing. But I hope I was not this “funny” (for lack of term).

I’m not fond of marketing. But I also believe that unless you tell the world about you or whatever you are doing, no one will know. Not because you are not great enough, but people will thought that you do not need their “reaction.” If Samsung or jobstreet and other big popular companies need to do marketing just shows no one may be exempted from doing it.

But I hope marketing honchos can be more creative than hoarding likes.

Here’s hoping I won’t go this far. But we’ll never know.

Ow, please don’t forget to like this.

In the beach

This is the part i’m playing in the sand with my friends. The name of my friends are mia pia carlo and therese we have lots of fun in the sand and somtime i get wet in the water and we have dinner


27 Dresses

Two more weddings these coming weekends, and another 1 this December, I need a new “formal” dress. The one I wore at the artsy fartsy cousin’s wedding is too revealing in upper part, showing my cleavage and my back.

I have no problems with its sexiness except that I do not have boobs, and worse is that the scars from chaffing from my sports bra are showing. I looked like a battered wife.

I thought of picking some 2-piece dress so I could just replace the top. So here’s what I came up first:

I looked like a character from El Filibusterismo, a not-crazy looking Sisa. And so I realized my fashion taste is stuck back in highschool plays.

So I gave up the mix-and-match idea. My talent at matching outfits is just HORRIBLE!!! 
So I went with one-piece dresses:
Another thing i soooo hate about buying clothes is the back-and-forth trip to the fitting room. 

There were more clothes I tried but some I could not figure out how to put them on.

As much as I want to see my friends get married and all, I hope I can just skip the “dress” part.

Presscon notes

When I first got invited to a sporting presscon event, I had no idea what I should do. So I just follow what other sports writer from other news media.

They would pull out their notebook or pad paper, and jot down something. 
So as to look someone legit reporter, I also do the same. 

 Then the following day, I will look for their news report, and just get info from them and mashed them up.