moving on my 8-year worth of trash?

So I don’t know how to say this. Multiply will be closing their blogging platform. I’m sad but at the same time relieve. I’ve been wanting to place this blog under, which I was hoping ever since that multiply would allow domain personalization but they did / do not. Prolly, if they had allow it, this would not happen as it would make their original users stick here. There were a lot of wonderful “thinkers” here, but I noticed have been moving on to other blogging platform — maybe they also need that personalization feature.

Of course, I can always migrate and such all my stuff here a long time ago. But I’m LAZY. And, I love it here. It’s a long story why. One is that I learned to “write”, but more of learned to express myself, here. When I’d post here, it’s more of like having a conversation with myself. As such, I don’t really care how my post would come out.

Anyhoo, I am wishing Multiply the best of every thing. When I learned that ABS-CBN was a shareholder of multiply, I became more of supportive of it — like paying an eeny weeny fee to my account. It was nice to know that part of it is owned by a Filipino. So I only have best wishes for them. I hope their new direction would be the boost they needed.

So I’ll be de-linking my from my posterous (which is now spaces) blog, and re-link it to a blogger account which, I created at the same time I created this multiply account. I’m not really sure why I stick with multiply. But I’m guessing, way back then, multiply had a more user-friendly features for a tech-dodo like me.

It would be nice to use wordpress. But I’m going for blogger as it’s linked to picasa, so easier with photos and such. I guess that’s what made multiply click to me before as I can have my photos and thoughts in one place. =) WordPress hosting for photos is a bit price-er. And, I think any pro-blogger will advise to go for wordpress.

So, yes, to my 101 and beyond readers / fans here, please do find me soon at But it’s not yet set-up, I need to link that domain to Yada yada yada. =)

(follow me go forth and multiply!)