Tour De Cebu on Foot. I’m weady!

I’m not athletic, I’m no sporty. But I grew up in a barrio / rural place (badian). Running / going around or simply being in outdoor was part of life. Well, it was what’s life.

Outdoor in an urban place is quite different from outdoor in the barrio for me. For one, it’s a bit costly because you have to travel to be in a safe clean outdoor so it’s something I/we cannot do on a daily basis. So having migrated to an urban place, there’s just that missing piece in me.

Anyhoo, my friends at caresharing ( has started a Tour de Cebu running activity, it’s a weekend activity which they run a number of towns around until they circle the island. They’re done running the urban areas which is Cebu City down to Carcar and Sibonga. Which means, they will be doing the towns down south east in the next stages which means rural, ‘fresher’ air, and seaside scenery. I love the southeast Cebu scenery!

So I’m ‘trying’ to prep up myself by going around the subdivision. This is like the most ‘challenging uphill’ part of my ‘training.’ Yeah, I know I’m not sure if you can even call this training.


Today, according to ipod, my stats is 3069 steps in 42 mins. According to google, 1km = 1500 steps. So it means I could do 2km in an hour. I’m not sure how it sounds — if it’s good or not. But I don’t care.It’s better not to know. I can always get my butt on a CERES and go back to the city.

So tomorrow, I will join. And, it will be like Mati-sliding-on-the-neighbor’s-lawn happiness for me. I cannot wait to have nothing but I, the sun,  and the wind on me.

If you want to join, you can check runnroo site. =)