if a girl scout is a travel photo blogger, it’ll prolly look like this

A girl scout is a tree hugger.

A girl scout loves organic. Well, monkeys loves organic too.

A true Filipino girl scout must have the must-have-photo-opp which is having a photo with a sign board.

A girl scout also rests.

A girl scout is always ready to help — met this awesome touring bikers who bike around the world, Darina and Kurt of http://gonebikeabout.com/. Girl scout now wants to be a biker chix too!

A girl scout follow rules — keeping silent. For some I-dunno reasons, locals put a Mama Mary statue in the cave. I guess it’s part of us. This is the 2nd cave I’d been inside which confirmed that I have a cave-phobia. Never will I get inside a cave unless it has a very big opening and isspacious — which can mean it’s no longer a cave.

And, girl scout has a boy scout to sponsor the trips.
Despite my ‘lab-asera’ look, it’s hard to blend in with the ‘locals’ when you have this colorful-with-all-the-gadgets-hanging companion. He just not fails to glow-even-not-in-the-dark.

Thank you, boy scout, for not making me the only person who has not been to Camotes — beating Paris Hilton to it.

No, it was not a vacation. Because I’m always on vacation. It was an educational field trip.

And, with that, I will soon start a (not a) traveller’s blog with photoblogging on the side. Yes, you will not be disappointed, there will be me-me-pics-facing-a-comfortroom’s-mirror like this one: