Beware of Autoposting Settings. I’m Smurfed.

I’s surprised to see my ‘other’ facebook account’s wall full of smurf updates. I think the sharing settings from the Smurf’s is activated to my facebook account. I dunno how did it happen though. I don’t play Smurf! Probably, the kids just click and click whatever that pop ups to them.

But I’s happy to see my kids can spell though it’s soo bad. =) I’m guessing it’s Migi. Proud mama — I didn’t expect he can ‘sensibly’ combine letters.

Anyhoo, this is not the first time that happen. The previous incident was worse. Meg used some picture-taking-sharing app. She took a pic of Mati’s ‘pikoy’ and post it on Mark’s account. Eeeekkk.

So parents, beware. On the other thought, I guess it’s just us who are quite ‘burara.’