The 1500 Challenge

I got the kids report cards last Wednesday. Meg’s got A- grades. While with Migi, I was made to sit down with teacher to be given advice that Migi needs to have a reading tutorial. So I can either enroll him to a summer class, or other class, or do it on my own.

Honestly, I don’t give much a hoot about my kids’ school. I have a life to live, and have not much time to figure it out. While, they have more time to figure out their own lives for themselves – it’s up to them if it includes reading. But then the world does not rotate according to my beliefs so I have not much choice but to follow the school’s advice.

Somehow, our culture measure one’s worth with his academic education. For some reason, you’re considered a lowly person if you’re illiterate. And, so to avoid having Migi be bullied or whatever, he has to read.

So we have a deal – P1500 to summer school or learn to read on from me & on his own & he’ll have the P1500. It’s definitely not a good way to foster love for reading. But this mother is desperate.