Sardinas Pasta (rose easy-as-instant-noodles recipe)

After I mastered cooking pancake, and mark got bored eating it on weekends, I discovered another dish for the lazy-asz. No need of cutting/slicing 101 kinds of ingredients, & no ingredients with names that is like *#&!?&#*??

Pasta – you can have it thick or thin or odong. Just follow the steps on the back of the packaging on how to cook it, which mainly just says BOIL it.
Spanish sardines or whatever flavor you like those on glass-packaging (havent tried those in canned yet). No cooking needed. Maybe you can warm it via microwave. But since our microwave is broke so I don’t bother warming it.
Olive oil – don’t worry you will not use up a whole bottle of it so it’s not like super expensive. Anyhoo, the oil from the sardines will just do though, depends on how oily you want your noodles.

Then, that’s it. Just let the eater serve & mix the pasta & sardines her/his self.

Then, i realized, pasta is like rice. You can mix anything to it. So i also tried buwad with olive oil – i like it too but only me like it so sticking w/ sardinas.

Anyhoo, this is not original recipe. I got it from fudge by looking at the pasta.