PLDT launches attack, calls Globe sore loser – this is lollers

The gloves are now off between the country???s telco rivals as dominant carrier PLDT branded Globe Telecom a sore loser after the Ayala-owned operator filed a letter to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) urging the regulatory agency to nullify PLDT???s acquisition of top 3 player Digitel.

Salalima: The public good is at risk

???Globe is criticizing PLDT for a deal that Globe itself had sought, but failed to get. It is now pressing government for concessions to make up for a bid it lost,??? said PLDT and Smart Communications spokesperson Ramon Isberto on Wednesday.

Isberto???s statement revealed a previously unknown piece of information ??? that Globe also attempted to buy the Gokongwei-owned operator but was apparently rebuffed or beaten to the punch by PLDT.

If I were Globe, I won’t bother filing a complaint. I’d go hunt for talents instead who can build me better stuff.