Life was like (Malapascua) Beach (Trip)

Life was like a tsunami for me for the 1st quarter of 2011, which got worse on March where I felt ‘gi kuso2x ko sa bagyo.’ On March, there was the ‘start-up always about to end,’ Mark’s own probs at work, then the bad weather  during the Malapascua trip which was not funny because we were bringing kids, the turtle incident (that was a big trouble at home), then my nanay was admitted to the hospital & the not-so-good findings, and the ‘end of the start.’

And, so while the world was busy being concerned for Japan, I could not care much because I’s having my own tsunamic issues. But as they say, ‘storm means rainbow.’ I think I’m having rainbows now, and is ready for yet another more rainbows. =)

So just like the Malapascua trip where we had a bad weather when crossing the sea, but we had a calm weather when we reached the shore (I feel i don’t make sense in here but wth). And, I’m thankful for the friends — you know that friend thing thru sizzles and fizzles.

More pics from my cam here. Mark’s cam has better takes but I haven’t uploaded them yet.