I’m not LAZY.I just have a different way of doing things.

I just had an argument with Mark that really really really pissed and still pisses me off as of the moment — so pissed off I’m writing this now.

We were talking about servers on the way to work. I need a server for our ideatoki. The idea of setting up a server is not impossible for me. It’s just that i have not much time to really tinker on it. And, I want to see it now. So I told him I’ll just ask someone to host my file. He shot back at me that I’m being lazy, and that i should do it on my own.

I was totally pissed off that I was called lazy!!! I did not say I will NOT set up my own server. It’s just that I need to see a finished product first so I will know how to figure it out down to the bottom of it. It’s just how my brain works!!!

We’re total opposites. Mark can work his way from bottom to up — figuring every little detail before putting up the whole. While, I realize that I work from up to bottom — I need to see the whole picture then figure things my way from the top to the bottom! It’s not being lazy. The least you can call me is that I’m messy at doing things.