staring & waiting

I’m waiting for 215pm so i can contact my OB for my nanay’s D&C (raspa), same last year. It’s nothing really serious; it’s a simple operation but she had a stroke years ago, and so we need to get clearance from an IM doctor.

This month has been like a tsunami — not really in a negative sense (or maybe I just learned to take all things positively). But it makes me feel like i’m living on the edge.

And, so while waiting for the time. I’m thinking of the school dues, the enrollment reservations, the end-month dues, the product, mark’s own mountain of urgent tasks list — all for this week. And, also my being mother. I’m failing negatively on being a mother — the turtle shell was the proof. Ironic that I can be good / satisfactorily done my stuff on my ‘work’ but failed miserably at a simple turtle costume.