Mobile Reminders for Urban Sex Workers in India

In our study, we found that the USWs tended to forget the payment dates for their microfinance loans and would skip their monthly medical checkups for sexually transmitted diseases. The USWs we interviewed were a unique population in that they were socially stigmatized and economically poor. However, mobile phone penetration among the USWs was 97%, which is an unusually high number for both: a developing nation population (the average wireless tele-density in India is 55.14% as of July, 2010 and women (who are 37% less likely to own a mobile phone in South Asia, as of February, 2010). Mobile phones are excellent tools for reminders and announcements since they form a pervasive infrastructure; are very effective at delivering short messages; and are portable. For the above-mentioned problem areas, we took into consideration the exceedingly high mobile penetration among USWs and narrowed down on designing a reminder and announcement system