What’s up with me?

For the past 3 years, I’m like in and out of jobs. Real jobs, pseudo jobs, my own made-up jobs, and any thing I fancy. It’s hard to explain that I’m really doing some thing when if you look at me, I look like I’m just bumming around.

Right now, i’m working with a software start-up yet again. I decided to stop talking about start-up because I find myself annoying already. It’s just hard to explain start-up if you’ve never been part of one. Start-up is all about dreaming, humbug and big-time wishing. And, people find that stupid so that’s why i’d rather not talk about that.

But why do i keep doing that stupid thing? Really, i’m not in it for the money because money is much easier and no-brainer if i just pick up a job from the jobs ad.

I f*ckin want a better work environment/lifestyle for my kids and your kids, and everybody’s kids. That’s why i’m trying my best to help in hopefully getting this ‘startup culture or whatever better culture’ here. BPO is good but it would be better if it’s the other way around, or whatever.