Valentine Love Letter to Mark (Translation: Gift)

I have to make the title that literal because computers are like that – they can only detect 010101, no in-betweens and pa-cute. Gray areas will just frustrate both of you.

I love you for the highs, but more for making the lows fun

I hate you for not taking me to trips, but then you make it up by making the mundane short trips grand

I love you for those serious brain-stimulating talks, and i love you more for hearing my silly non-sense stories and made-up sappy pathetic elevator love stories

I love at how we laugh at ourselves – for being pathetic parents, for having somewhat odd family

I hate that you make me feel i’m the lousiest person at times, but i love it because it makes me realize to not really care what you & others think of me

I love you that you are easy to entertain, and i love you more that you are happy that i make myself happy

I hate you for always being clueless and insensitive, but i love you for being just cute like that

I love how you get annoyed at my hiphop songs, but nevertheless download them for me.

I hate/love that you do most of the talking, but I love you that you bother to read all my stuff online.

I simply just love our own little world.

To make this more cheesy. Yes, I know we’re 30ish. =) Let me be, just hold your puke.

I can go on and on but the weather might turn gray for my dramas. Now, can i get something this feb 14th. =) But, on the other thought, I love you for not being the typical. =)