This boy will be 3

Mati will be 3 this feb 18. I’m not sure if it feels time flies so fast or slow.

Anyhoo, we usually have the ‘big’ birthday party on 3rd birthday, not 1st or 2nd or beyond 3. I’d like to have a ‘big’ party with the lechon and all. It will be nice to have friends, relatives, and kids, and such. But I just don’t have the energy to go through it. It’s probably also due to the ‘3rd baby syndrome’ – it’s not as exciting as preparing for the kid#1’s party. But on the other thought, this family is really not into that socialization functions.

So this post has not much point except that I’m such a lazy ass. =)

And, oh about Mati. He’s always the baby in this house. He’s mark’s pet, the household pet actually. I guess it’s just the lucky strike of the youngest. He does not have much compared to the older siblings — since I’m already over the hype & excitement of buying baby stuff — but he’s spoiled with attention. We just cannot say no especially when he adds ‘piss’ for please to his request. =)