the plain housewife

* Will be plain housewife today because the Big Boss Ate Mona asked if she could not be here today as her son’s teacher asked her to meet her. I kinda felt bad about it — a bit guilty that she has to be away from her family to be with us. We encourage her, from time to time, to get her family a house somewhere near us so that she can just go home everyday. Her family is in Minglanilla, with her in-laws. But of course, I think it takes more than getting a house near us. We cannot decide what’s best for her and her family. So I’m really wishing that one day she can be there for her family everyday, without leaving us. Haha. Maybe we should transfer to Minglanilla instead. This family is Ate-Mona-dependent.

Migi asked earlier why I’m still home. I told him Ate Mona would still not be here today, and he was ranting that cannot be, that Ate should be here for him blahblah. See, Migi prefers her Ate over me. I’m probably useless for him. =)))

* It’s raining. I’m probably the few people who loves the weather — just please minus the flooding. There’s something about cold, gloomy, and darkness that soothe me.

With the rain, I think I can no longer bring Mati to a barbershop. I’m hoping to have his hair shaved off before his 3rd birthday.

* And, about birthday. I think there will be no big party. They can have it when they’re bigger, when they can do their own preparation. =)  Maybe just give them some money to bring their friends to Jollibee. haha

* Mark thought my loveletter post for him is cheap. I love it. I succeed at annoying him! But I think he kind of agreed that we’ll have a date. And, I know how it will be — food /coffee then fullybooked.

* I’ve been thinking of transferring the kids to a public school since Migi will be Grade 1 but I’m too lazy to work on it. I’d like the idea of having not to pay tuition so I can have them for me — hehe. Also, I’m used to the ‘ba be bi bo bu’ way of teaching, so it will be easier for me to uderstand how to ‘tutor’ them.

But, I’m not really decided to let go of my kids’ school now. I feel so comfortable with their staff — the carpool drivers, attendants and teacher aides. They love the kids. They’ve been with the school since Migi started with them so I guess the school admins are good people for these people to stick with them. And, I value those kind of stuff — the cheesy part.

* I’m happy Migi is on the ‘barok reading level.’  I’m able to let go of the stress of my kids being behind on reading. I just see it as ‘reading’ is like learning to talk — some people get it fast, some takes time. So no worries –everybody will get there.

* And, I thought Meg is pro on academics. But when I went there for their card giving, her teacher told me to follow-up on Meg’s reading. So it made me worried. But when I saw Meg’s grades — they’re all A & B’s. I don’t get it why do i need to follow-up on here — she seems to fare well. If I will follow-up on her, she will have what AAA as grade. But, yes, Meg is latagaw. =)

Bye for now, the plain housewife has to be on the table for the lunch duties. =)