the after party

It was Mati’s 3rd birthday yesterday. My youngest is already 3-year old.

As we were enjoying the leftover ice cream under the sun earlier, I kinda think that life is like a party.

Before the party
There are people who are there for you before the party. And, so I would like to thank all who put up the preparation for the little gathering of mati’s 3rd birthday.

During the party
The people who gave their time to be with us, even with just a simple feast. Thank you very much.

After the party
The people who are there to enjoy leftovers with you, whether the party is a success or a fail.

I’m thankful for us to be blessed with friends who are there for us — before, during, and after the party. More than any thing else, I wish for my kids, not only to have friends before / during / after the party, but also for them to be a before-during-after-the-party friends to others.