This week was a zoom.

* Monday. The product I just started to be part of is now it’s ‘intense’ kind of state. The usual stuff when you’re in a product. And, oh I’m in the product development which is something I’m still groping.

* An Aunt died, visited the wake. It’s my nanay who is close that group of relatives. So I was just like wallflower in the scene, which reminds this Monday is the interment. I don’t really feel it’s a sad occasion, I’m happy my aunt finally get to rest from battling her cancer.

* Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. While groping on product development, I’m also kind of groping with the new team. I need to like know how to fit in the group, try to pick what personalities they have, and then we can blend and get the best of each other. And, we have to do the ‘team blending’ in a zippy because product is, as always, ASAP to be released.

Hoping for a busy but manageable kind of busy the following weeks. Manageable means I can still do my mother duties.