the startup meetup aka Mark’s yet-another BS

I’m kind of confused as to post this here or in my other pseudo tech blog but anyhoo hi-hoo.

It never occurred to me that mark’s like leading the start-up meetup last thursday night not until john pointed out that shouldn’t i taped it in hd coz it’s my husband’s 1st startup meetup. I guess for like more than 10 years of being with him, that startup talk is nothing new. It’s an everyday occurrence in this home. Anyone who probably have been within his circle already knows that, and thankfully, they bear with his stories. Startup stories is like war stories for Mark.  So for me, it was just like another BS of mark. I could probably give the talk for him since I memorized them after listening to it day in and out.

It was not the first Mark gave out talk but I realized it was my first to see him talk in front of an audience. It’s just felt weird that part of the usual talk we have during breakfasts, on the road, before going to sleep is being shared to a few strangers who bother to drop by and listen to him.

But let’s skip Mark. I mean that meetup was never about him.

But it’s a different thing when I saw Mark talking about startup in front of other people. I mean if it were just the two of us, i would always ‘supo’ him how storbot he is. I guess i perfect my sarcasm because of always trying to counterattack his big-fish stories.

I see old familiar faces that had

I wish it made an inch of difference to a few who were there.