the most basic human need

I have a lot of things in my mind — as usual. When did ever my mind is blank — it’s always here and there and anywhere though they’re senseless but they fascinate me nevertheless. Have I told myself that I soooo love my thoughts that I scribbled them anywhere.

Someone commented how I overpour myself on the internet — multiply / twitter. That person kinda asked if I’m not concerned. The thing is that I started pouring my heart on the internet long time ago when the 1st degree connection are still not on the internet. Blogging, or whatever you call this, before to me was basically just talking to myself. Then, 1st degree friends came, I thought of filtering what I write but then why would I change what makes me feel good. I multiply/twitter for myself.

That’s why I tweet a lot and talk a lot online because i’m such an attentionwhore? Who does not love attention. It’s the most basic human need. If we love bags and shoes, then the more we love attention. My point is it’s fine to seek attention just like we seek for sex, it’s a human instinct. But then

Privacy Settings
I don’t ever set privacy settings because really it’s the most superficial thing invented on the world wide web.