My 2011 so far

Yesterday & today, i have to cradle and rock mati to sleep for his afternoon downtime. Might be the late night celebrations, he gets fussy during day time thus i need to cradle him to calm him down to sleep. It’s been a long time, I haven’t rocked a baby to sleep. It makes me nostalgic. I miss the feeling of carrying close to me a baby to sleep – smelling / kissing, and just simply feeling their warmth. I miss it, but it’s not something I want to go back. =)

* It’s a rainy day today. I love it to bits, I wanna marry the gloomy weather. =)

* I wake up early today like 430ish – I want to make it a habit. I’m more of a night/nocturnal person – more productive at night. But when you have kids, being a night person is not that handy. Late night sleeping time means cranky during day time makes you snap easily at kids – not good. So I wish to be early to bed, early to rise – do my stuff during super early morning before kids are up. =)

* I kinda now know how to make pancakes which taste as close to Jollibee pancakes, which are engineered to be yummily addictive. =) I will post my fake Jollibee pancake recipe some time. =)

So far, my 2011 is good. Well, I will always try to feel good whatever happens. =)