Google Apps for Education Certification Program

Become an Apps-Certified Trainer

Demonstrate your expertise at helping schools make the most of Google Apps by joining the Google Apps for Education Certification program. Certified Trainers are recognized by Google as having proven expertise and experience in delivering high-quality teacher training and professional development course materials to schools of all sizes.

  • Training Center ??? Teach yourself to become an Apps expert in the classroom. Our six-part training course will help you prepare for our Individual Qualification exams.
  • Individual Qualification ??? Demonstrate your knowledge of Google Apps for Education by completing a structured program of six comprehensive tests.

    (A passing score in the Individual Qualification is a prerequisite for all Certified Trainer applicants.)

  • Certified Trainers (Individuals) ??? Individuals with extensive experience in teacher training and Apps deployment support can showcase their skills by applying for individual Certified Trainer status.
  • Certified Trainers (Organizations) ??? Organizations staffed with 3 or more Certified Trainers and meeting additional requirements may apply to be listed as an organization in the Certified Trainer program.

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