while waiting for the mudpack to dry

This is like the 3rd night I’m applying mudpack to my face before going to sleep.

* It’s just now I wonder if mudpack should be done daily or what. I’m like trying to speed up to be ‘physically beautiful.’ It makes me think, hello, real life cannot be photoshopped!!!

* How hard is it to be a WOMAN! You need to be a mother. Being wife is also a different thing. And, if you want to insert yourself, you also have to think of your personal career, wants and whims. And, on top of that, if not legendary beautiful, you have to be at least physically presentable. And, then you also have to have some meat — brains.

It’s like asking me to be a Miss Universe who can answer sensibly / intelligently in the Q&A portion.

* I’m definitely in the wrong gender. I’m whining.