This makes me want to cry

How can I explain words with silent letters to Migi? How can I explain that it just happens just because so?

Migi’s a black-and-white kind of kid. One of the things that’s giving him a hard time learning to read is the ‘no fix rules’ about reading. Like, in this, why do you have to ‘silent’ some letters in some words why not in others. He wants to know the ‘pattern’ of why this and that – like counting by 2’s / 5’s etc in math. But reading does not really have a fix pattern / rule, add to that they also have Filipino which also has a different way of rules re reading. So switching from English reading mode to Filipino add more to the confusion.

I’m not blaming school, and I’m not blaming Migi. I’m fine ‘tutoring’ Migi. But I just have no patience of answering Migi’s endless q’s as to why sometimes ‘a’ is pronounced as ‘ah’, sometimes ‘ey,’ sometimes ‘ae’, and whatever. There are rules to that, and so are surprising exceptions.

So I just wish Migi will just memorize them to end confusion, instead of wasting time asking as to why this and that. But on the other thought, I’m also happy to know he’s confused – I’m hoping it’s a sign that he’s thinking.

This is a brighter way of looking at his zero scores, and randomly spelled words. =) At least he made an effort of answering. =)