Past weeks, I’m being a social specie — attending social events and talking to real people in real world. Later later today, I will be a social specie again. Though, I feel I have enough — it’s way beyond my quota of social activities. But it has been something I’m waiting for — the approval of my application to Cebu Bloggers Society. Yes, I’m probably the last person to call myself blogger and the last person to be in some organization but there are things I need to do for greater glory.

Anyhoo, following days, I’ll have a new something to work on — additional something to work on. I’m hoping it can wait until January but it looks not. It’s like a trend already, for the past years, that I usually have a new product to work on every 1st quarter of the year. I’m not complaining. Promise, this will go on for more quarters. =)

So looks like a more busy 2011. Not to mention Mark puts his self into more ‘quests.’ No rest for this home yet. God, please take care of our kids.

yada yada yada. Need to sleep — claiming GCs, buying more sims, getting some refurbished phone, and that CBS thingy, and all in betweens. =)