ninang talk

I’m thinking about marriage, sex, and parenting today since I’ll be ninang in a few hours.  But I’m probably not the best person to ask from or to be talking about such stuff. I always have the bitter, sarcastic point of view about those things. I’m such a poop when it comes to those matters. Well, I’m geenrally a poop.

Probably, because I married for the not-so-right reasons. I was pregnant so according to so-and-so I should get married or else my soul would be sunbathing in hell, and the good luck would never befriend me again. In short, we kind of got married for goodluck and for the convenience of everybody.

Of course, I’m happy about the marriage. Of course, there was / is love. But I guess it will not mean, I will not be happy if there was no marriage.

So what is marriage? I guess it’s a way to make ‘love’ more convenient for 2 people — you can now live together so you are most accessible to each other, free sex, whatever crazy act of love will be easier to do. I’m not sure though if it’s more cost-efficient or cheaper to be married because there are still 2 of you to spend on — it’s just the souls that are united.

And, oh sex! I believe in Freud. Every inch of  I’m liberated but sex about me is not something I’m comfortable to be writing about. But having experienced before and after-marriage and after-babies sex