like a G6

Glad how this day turned out. It started cloudy but ended sunshiny.

* The Citibank machine for the SM GCs still not working. It has something to do with the program. So yaah goodluck to it. For those who were able to take advantage of this, kindly double check your bill because it’s charging the GCs. Anyhoo, I’m fine with it now.

* One gateway of the twitter app went down because of my ‘katangahan.’ So kinda a bit stressed out on that having to get a new sim, then talking to the affected individuals.

* Then, there’s the new ‘project’ I’ll be joining in. Huhhh.

But everything turn out well.

* I’m glad to have Jason who’s been doing well with the trivia stuff. Yes, we’re surrounded with wonderful people as always.

* I met a Jap boy robot maker. =) I’m really quite sociable now, noh. =)

I’m not going global. Global is coming to me. =)
* And, soooo happy, the mates I am with for the new project are like perfect pieces in a puzzle. So I can still do my other stuff, and not much stress of doing all the non-programmers stuff. =) And, I’ll have a college classmate as a workmate. So yaah, it;s nice to be talking to another human outside the only circle I’m revolving around.

So yaah, it’s been a good year. Thank you very much, Lord. =)