If you Google ???The Future??? you???ll find ???Mobile???

Speed of access also drives Craig???s boldest prediction: That within the next 5-10 years, 95% of all internet search will be mobile-based. His exact quote: ???Mark my words, in 10 years almost all the searches you do are going to be from a phone or a phone-like device that hasn???t been invented yet.???

This mobile transformation has huge potential for improving health in the US and around. We have known for decades that the vast majority of negative health outcomes are the result unhealthy behaviors, which themselves are often the result of unhealthy or uninformed everyday decisions. Imagine the potential of using mobile phones or devices to reach people with highly tailored and theoretically informed health messages at each health decision point in their lives! Mobile health (a.k.a. mHealth) has that potential, and it is up to us as scientists, researchers, and practitioners to determine how best to use it for the greatest positive impact.

Nothing new but I just find it interesting that it came from Google employee #1. =)