I Don’t Love Make-ups, But I love the Make-up Artist

Sorry to my wedding ‘inaanaks’, Nanie and Korn. The wedding was very very beautiful and so are the couple, but I was too conscious about my make-up that the only thing I can remember about the event is my being conscious about my make-up.

I’ll diary about my first wedding Ninang experience in another post. Let me talk about first about my expertise, not make-up, myself and my 1st makeup experience after my last make-up, which was 6 years ago during my wedding also. I was all awkward, and I really did not know how to move, act, or what. I was stiff, scared that I’d do something stupid to mess up my make-up, and turned my face into a pasig river. I had too many worries to care about the others.

So presenting msyelf with make-up.
With or without make-up, I think I’m still Rose — literally and not-literally thick-faced. I forgot that I was there because of myself, not because of my make-up or what. But anyhoo, that was a practice for the future events.

In a more decent pose taken by Armie.

And, from the photobooth:

I think I’m ready to take wedding ninang roles again. Just pick a color for your wedding motif from my dress in the pics so I can just recycle this dress. Ninang lesson #1 — minimize waste for a greener earth for your kids. =) But I guess after this, you might think twice of having me. =)

So where is the make-up talk there. My only basis for a good make-up is that as long as my face and my neck’s colors are even, I’m great. And, with that, I love the make-up artist Ana Aviso (cebu best make-up artist) (@anaaviso), http://www.anacandelaria.com/. I wish I had given more justice to her work of art though. Well, there is next time.

I think I want red lips next time. Wedding sponsors can have red lips like Anne Curtis, right?