This topic was brought up randomly yesterday with the college friends. And, they said that homeschooled kids showed to be more intelligent than those in the traditional school.

Interesting. Homeschooling will give me einsteins. I was thinking it might fit Migi’s personality. But the problem is I do not think I ever have the patience of teaching my own kid. And, I guess I might drive my kids crazy because I’ll be expecting perfection from them because, of course, their ‘outcome’ will reflect how lousy or good I am.

Then, it got me thinking in my lull moments, what, by the way, my friends meant with ‘intelligent’? Do I really want first and foremost ‘intelligent’ kids? Of course, I do. But, I guess I’m just too lazy. =)

There will be a lot of institutions who will be offering it because of the growing awareness that homeschooling proves to produce intelligent kids. I just hope, whoever will go into that understands what it’s really for, and not just because they want intelligent kids.