dear mark, for a moment, i want to breathe

After some time of trying to make this family normal, I realized that each family is different just as no two people are the same. I cannot explain the set-up in our home, just like you cannot explain how your daily life operates.

Mark has the caresharing work. It’s hard to explain but I do get stressed that sticky things might happen. Of course, that place is blessed with good people so I know nothing bad will happen there. As such, he finds other wars to fight for.

So there’s that twitter app. It’s a petty app but it does consume time and effort. Then, he gets involved his self with another 2 start-ups just this last quarter, and that helping in getting up a start-up community in Cebu.

I really have no problem with these ‘start-up’ sidebits. But the thing is it can be emotionally super draining. More than the money, start-ups require passion, heart, feeling and all the psych part in you for it to thrive. That’s why it can really be emotionally draining. I know that even if those start-ups fail, you do not really lose because there is the experience and learning — which can be more valuable than the money.

But nevertheless, it’s just sooo sad to see those involved to be let down. Though, i know they can easily bounce back to life. But going through the phase of uncertainty can make you feel spent.

And, so I’m kind of spent now having to look at the different ‘projects’ which can any time just bust.

So my dear husband Mark, for a moment, please stop pimping. God knows, how many foreigners and locals alike I have seen come and go, and thankfully, a few stick. You promise you will do this start-up2x thing when you are 40!

Let’s have it at 40 when the kids can be on their own. And, therefore I’m free to just leave you alone, and do not have to go through the dark alleys of your start-up craziness.

For now, let me farkin breathe!!!

Anyhoo, I’m inviting you to this meetup You do not need to be techy. Remember, the techs can only execute. But they need something or idea from you which they can work on and execute. And, after the execution, they will also need others who can help them get the word out to the world. So if you have an idea, and you want to find someone who can materialize it, please come. Or, if you do not have an idea, please still come, you might get some idea there. This is a way to give our future kids other options in life.

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