As a ‘tradition,’ I would bring the kids to the peryahan nearby the merkado during pistas to ride those antique-looking rides. But this year, we did not able get to do the rides because it was raining really hard.

The rain started the time we got to the peryahan — not much luck. I panicked because, well, it’s raining hard. The peryahan got muddy and floody, and it just felt eeky. We’re beside a wet market, so it did not feel that good to be dipped in the flood/mud from the wet market. And, I worried that the kids would get sick after.

But after some time, seeing no hope that I could rescue us out from the place right away, I looked at my kids and they still had fun with the throwing-25cents-at-a-table-for-some-luck-or-whatever game.
Wa lang, it’s just that I realized, there are times I / we panicked over nothing. Adults can be OA.

We went home after they got their loot, clean up, and the only worst thing that happen was that we missed the flimsy rides.