(less than) 27 Dresses

Mark and I we’ll be sponsor (ninong/ninang) this december 8. It sounds big responsbility. But that’s not my problem. It’s the ‘look’ part during the wedding ceremony. Well, I don’t really have a problem looking like someone to be in the fashion boo-boo page. But in respect to the bride, I have to make an effort to at least look presentable.

I can count with my fingers the time I was in dress:

* highschool prom dress which was an orange dress with black bolero. Looking at the pictures after the prom, it was horrible. But then it was my design so I could not blame anyone.
* highschool graduation — that was okay dress.
* college graduation — i’m not sure. but i knew I cried over it because the design i wanted was not followed but then maybe my design sucked that’s why the tailor did it according to his will.
* wedding gown  doesn’t count i think
* maternity dresses — the most I got to wear.

Anyhoo, I do have the perfect in dress for the wedding already in my mind. The thing is that in my mind, it’s Gretchen bareto who is wearing the dress. So there’s a very BIG disconnect.

Enough of my fashion misery. I got the dress already. I really wanted this dotted dress because I have a thing for dots and circles. See, it matches my dotsy bag. But they said the color is too dark for a wedding. So instead I got a kinda colorful dress. Don’t worry it’s nothing shocking as my favorite color, orange.
Mark’s already solved. Between Mark and I, Mark is the fashionable one.

at the discount shop =)))

I still need to get:
* shoes — which I don’t think is really that difficult. I’ll check with MIL if I can borrow something from her.
* body shaper — girdle in short. I’m kind of in a dilemma here because the good body shaper brands I found are like more expensive than the dress. Though, it’s not really a waste to ‘invest’ on them. But I’m just confused as to why it’s more expensive than the dress. Lesson — expensive to be overysexy.
* accessories — this I don’t have a clue.
* mini bag / purse — well, my trusty big bags are I think no-no so I need something small, right?
* etc

But I got myself a make-up artist. =) That makes me excited now. =) I don’t know what came into my mind. Whatever happens, I have make-up on that day. So weeeh. =)

And, the wedding invitation is just sweeettt! =) You’d feel guilty not dressing up for the event.