Launching SMSsync: An Android Phone as SMS Gateway

Other Uses

SMSsync logoRealizing that SMSsync had a lot of value for other use cases beyond Ushahidi, we set simple parameters for it. For instance, you can create your own in-country SMS-to-Twitter app now utilizing SMSsync and the Twitter API. We???re playing around with this in Nairobi right now, and it works great. Another example, imagine a radio station using SMSSync to have users respond to something on air. There are hundreds of use applications for this.

We think there might be a good reason to create SMSsync for other mobile platforms as well. If you???d like to get involved with that, let us know.

We???re looking forward to seeing if everyone else finds this as useful as we do. Let us know what you do with it.

SMSsync is also built in as a plugin for the next release of Ushahidi (v2.0) ???Luanda??? coming out very soon.

Interesting! You can now create an instant sms gateway for twitter with just an android phone.

Of course, there has more better use for that.