Happy ER Experience

It was only on Saturday night when Migi showed to me his toe nail damaged, like ‘napaksit’ the whole of it from his toe. Ngilo! The accident happened Friday afternoon, but the good mother that I am I did not know about it. He played tennis the whole day Saturday, went running around the neighborhood after tennis. With Migi all over the places, how could I have a clue that his toe nail was chopped off.

So anyway, he probably was already in pain when he showed to me the nail dangling off from his toes Saturday night. It was super ngilo.

But I was only able to bring Migi to Velez Hospital ER Sunday morning because Mark and I had quite a long debate that night when we knew about it. I insisted that we should bring him to ER and get some real ‘medical intervention,’ while Mark insisted that it’s just something Google can help. When we finally decided that Mark would bring him to Velez, Migi fell asleep. Yes, it took that long for Mark to dump his Google decision.

Sunday morning, after breakfast, I brought Migi first to a local nearby clinic in Consolacion. But when the doctor saw Migi’s toes, she kind of backed off and advised us to go to a hospital ER instead. The broken toe nail was already 3 days so it did not look that good because it was swollen and had some puss already — it probably scared off the doctor.
We did not much luck at the nearby clinic. But it turned out to be a good luck because the ER of Velez Hospital was empty as always — I love Velez!!! The nurse who was there was my friend’s husband (remind me to get something for their daughter — my God child). It always feels good to see familiar faces in time of distress.

Then, in a few minutes came in a little girl who fell off from a multicab. Yes, I know it’s not good to take comfort from other’s distress but I feel quite blessed that all we had was a broken toe nail. I wish speedy recovery for the little girl.

Then came the surgeon took care of Migi. The surgeon was the ‘crush ng bayan’ way back highschool and college. =) He was not my crush. But looking at him reminds me of the giddy faces of my friends who had big crush on him. And, it’s just nice to see people you bumped at the school hallways to be now doctor.

Clue =)

Ice cream for being such a toughie. =)