Happy ER Experience

Saturday night when Migi showed off his toe nail almost peeled off — the whole of it. It’s just an eeny weeny skin that hold it.

Mark and I were debating if it is something bad that needs some ‘medical specialist’ intervention, or is it something google can just help. Add some Mark being in a bad mood because he thought what a lousy parent we (actually it was more of bad mother but he just keep silent abt it to not make the situation worse) were for overseeing that kind of accident because Migi had broke his nail since Friday.

But after a lot of debate because I insisted to go to the ER, while he insisted that google said it’s fine, Migi got so sleepy that we decided that it can wait until the following day.

So I brought him to a local town clinic. And, since the broken toe nail is already 3 days, it did not look that good because it has swollen and had some puss. So she the doctor advised to go to a hospital instead.

And, so we ended up in Velez ER — our beloved hospital. It was a Pacquaio day so the commute was fast. The ER of Velez is, as usual, desserted(sp?) thus I soo love that antique place.