Email Feature to Mobile App

I’m having this thoughts again about importance of email feature with PicLyf Snap’s availability now in AppStore (to the few who gets to pass by this, please do get piclyf from your nearest iphone / ipod touch appstore).

This is not about piclyf, but to whatever apps. Why I will always insist on email feature, much more than native apps?

  • it’s faster to compose an email than wait for application to open up. Maybe it’s because i always use the low-end mobile gadgets. But probably that’s the point, more people are on low-end gadgets which struggles at handling apPs.
  • mobile internet here is just not that powerful / reliable. I feel that running a native client requires extra mobile internet speed thus it might end up to a frustrating experience. Some would blame the app, though it’s really the mobile internet w/c is sucky.
  • i can send it to multiple email address in one go. So it’s like i can post it to piclyf or what ever image apps, and also email it to the million social sites and friends & relatives in one click. Though, piclyf / posterous / and others can let you post to different sites in 1 go.
  • email gives me a (false) sense of security that it will just work on whatever type of connection – wap, gprs to whatever speedname.
  • it can work on different smart phones. You don’t need to build one for iphone, ipad, bb, my favorite nokia, and such.

I’m just feeling nostalgic when emailing from your mobile phone is like the shiznit. But then, I don’t think it will ever be a thing of the past. =)