cheaper by the dozen

* when i just have one kid, i tend to overdo things for him, get the best thing for him. but then comes 3, i will now only go for the minimum viable product — the least thing that will work is the same thing.

of course, when i have just one kid, i have more time to fuss on stuff. but when i have more kids than my pair of hands, i’m too tired to care. the shirt i’m wearing is as good as the face towel for wiping snots / sip-on. =)

* 3 kids back in the old days is still ‘small’ family, it’s considered responsible parenting. but now, with almost all friends just having one baby, i feel like were the most irresponsible unthinking parents to exist.

Meg’s ‘Kita’

* for the lovelife of PNoy, i just could not understand sibling rivalry / fights. i’m an only child. my warring kids is just something i could not relate to. even if each of them is given exactly the same toy or item, they will always get envious of what the other got.

so if the 3 of them are like ready to kill each other, i would usually threaten them that i will let the garbage truck pick up mati. it would usually stop the fight. so i guess, after all, they still feel for each other.

* And, so it’s all or nothing. If you cannot buy / do it for the 3, then might as well to not have it or do it at all to save some headache. And most of the time, it’s NO so it’s cheaper. =)

* there’s order / love in chaos.

mural painting

despite the endless back and forth banter between meg and migi, and add mati to the mix, it just feels warm to hear them talking their minds out, though not in a nice way.