bucket list

Sunday Inquirer featured this article ‘Bucket List.’ Call me bitter, party pooper, killjoy, judgmental or what but I was disappointed reading the 1st 3 persons’ bucket lists.

xxxx, Globe Telecom
1. See all my kids graduate from college
2. Visit Antarctica
3. Shoot even par for 18 holes
4. Drive a Ferrari around Tuscany
5. Own a watch with a tourbillon

xxxx, Harbour Centre
1. Climb Mt. Everest
2. Drive a Formula 1 race car
3. Learn how to fly a jet plane or even a fighter jet
4. Hunt big game in Namibia and pigeon hunt with millions of birds in Argentina
5. For my port business, to go public really soon

xxxx ABC Broadcasting Corp.
1. Take a sabbatical and see museums around the world
2. Spend a month in Paris
3. See Machu Picchu
4. To go to Africa and witness the great migration
5. Drive a Porsche Turbo on the Autobahn


Nothing wrong in them. It’s just that they are people who are in the position to make or contribute some positive changes to our society. But no one gives some Ms. Universe answer — that world peace kind of answers. Not even feeding programs?

I mean, come on Globe, how about affordable reliable internet to those who can’t afford internet. And, no wonder why it feels like they want to squeeze every piso in us.

Ferrari, F1, and Porsche before you die??? If it’s a Christmas wish list, I could let you pass but things you want to do before you die?

Owkei, I’m going overboard, and maybe hypocrite. But that article just doesn’t taste right to me (edit: not the whole of it because there are other people’s bucket list which are bravo for me)