Valedictory Speech

I’ll be attending my cousin’s college graduation celebration this lunch. I’m excited to see my relatives, but I dread the thought of being in a conversation that goes something like,

‘So unsa man imo plano karon, dong?’
‘Bawo lang, ate. Na masuko man si Papa mopahuway sa ‘ko.’

‘Aha man ron pwede mang-apply, ‘day? Kusog kuno hiring callcenter.’
‘Bawo lang aning bataa oy. Sya ra man na amo pabot-on.’

I was also in that kind of ‘mind set,’ and I thought it’s ‘cool’ to be ‘go with the flow’ – which is actually owkei only if there’s a flow what if there’s no flow.

But now as a mother, it’s kind of difficult to see things like that, that one of these days, I will have a 20-year old kid who does not have much of an idea of what to do with his life. Idealistic as it may seem, but if we don’t know what to do with our life, might as well be dead.

So here’s Rose’s school of wonderful thoughts:

* If graduates cannot figure out what they want in life after college, is going through the whole nine yards of formal education worth it?

* But on the other thought, we should not expect that formal education to teach kids the meaning of life, nor we should we blame it for lack of ‘improvements’ in our kids. Just because you graduate, it does not mean you will also stop learning.

* Let’s probably look at our selves first. If we are already forty something years old, and don’t still know what to do with our life except to survive, don’t expect much from our kids.

* This boils down that maybe as a parent we should take an effort as to what we really want with our life. It’s not only for you, and for your kids, but also for this beloved Philippines.

Cheesy. Pwede na pang valedictory speech? =)
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