random thoughts at baby/mother shower

I attended a baby shower last friday.

* With my 3 kids, I never had a baby shower. I’m no bitter or what. I just wonder if baby shower is something new to do these days, or because I was the ‘lone’ preggers during my time among my circle of friends thus nobody’s aware there’s such thing.

* Just because I’m sarcastic. It should be a mother shower. One because 9 months of being pregnant is not a walk-in-the-park. Two because after the baby is out, there is no longer the YOU/woman.

I might be exaggerating. But really mothers, us, are turned into a feeding station, wash station, sleeping quarter once the baby is out – if you ever still get a time to spray some perfume, i applaud you for being able to do that.

So it should be some debut party for the mothers, instead of baby shower, where she will receive pee-rfumes, pee-cial/mess-age GCs, moneycure, pee-dicure. Because after that, all gifts will be all about the babies.

* If only it’s possible, I’ll give the mothers-to-be the gift of sleep. Gone are the times you can sleep, and wake up whenever you want.

Oh how I miss sleeping at 5am just so I can finish a whole book. But now, when the clock strikes 3, I’ll feel bad for not sleeping yet because I know when I wake up later on I’ll be a cranky mother. And, mothers cannot be cranky around kids or else ‘manglupad ang mga anak.’

* Funny how we talk about birth controls and contraceptions at the baby shower. (I will dedicate another post for that.)

* It gives me an idea. Baby showers should have a mani/pedi/make-up session, scented aroma therapy stuff. The mamas will have a blast. =)

* Baby showers are like one of the instances for the single/no-child-yet girls to experience buying baby stuff, which I will say is a sweet experience to have.

* But all in all, I enjoyEd the baby shower. It felt warm to be surrounded by glowing mothers and naive single ladies. =)

Looking forward to more, mother debuts/baby showers. I’m happier, I don’t have to go thru that in the future. =)