Mobile penetration rate reaches the mark of 75% at 2008-end (Philippines)

Mobile penetration rate in the Philippines has reportedly reached a mark of 75% at the end of 2008. The growth in mobile penetration rate was driven by the number of SIM cards sold by the mobile operators in the country which was recorded 67.9 million at the end of 2008.
According to Napoleon Nazareno, President PLDT, the growth in the subscriber base is likely to be slower in 2009 as the mobile penetration rate has already reached 75%.
PLDT recently posted a subscriber base of 35.2 million, including 20.9 million Smart subscribers and 14.3 million Talk ???N Text subscribers.
Whereas Globe Telecom, country???s second largest mobile operator, at 2008-end had a subscriber base of 24.7 million, including both Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers.
The third mobile operator Digital Telecommunications, reportedly said that it had more than 8 million subscribers under the brand name Sun Cellular.

Smart / Talk ‘n Text has a total of 35.2 million subscribers.
Globe Telecom has 24.7 million
Sun Celluar has 8 million subscribers,