Geeks Have this Creepy Way of Describing their Laptops

I think I ran across some posts of ‘geeks’ writing about their new laptop, the specs and all the shiznit. They can describe like it’s the best thing that ever happen to one’s life.

For a non-geek like me, all I can give is a blank face. They do not mean a thing for me. I will just usually go to the part where they describe the size of the screen monitor because that’s the only spec I understand about computers.

So if I have to describe my computer, it will be like: 

The size of the screen is something around 14 because I don’t think it’s the smallest screen. It has a comfortable-size keyboard not like the netbooks, and so I love it because I don’t need to crunch my hands when typing. 

It’s black. I wish it was red or orange.

I don’t think it has GPS because Gowalla cannot seem to locate my location.

The battery kinda lasts long — 4 hours at times, 6 hours if I get lucky.

For the rest of spec? Wait, I’ll ask my husband.

And, no, it’s not a Mac because it doesn’t have that flying colorful icons in front of me.